About Home Health Care For Someone With Dementia

Has your elderly parent's Alzheimer's disease progressed into him or her suffering from dementia? If you now find yourself constantly worrying about your parent's safety when he or she is left alone, hiring a home health care nurse can resolve the problem. Take a look at this article to learn more about the services that a home health care provider can offer to your elderly parent.

Ensure That Bathing is Done on a Daily Basis

Dementia is the type of condition that causes severe forgetfulness. For example, your parent might forget where things are placed, how to use the stove, or even how to bathe. A home care nurse will make sure your parent bathes on a daily basis. He or she will either receive assistance with getting in and out of the tub or will be bathed by the nurse. The extent of assistance will depend on how far dementia has progressed.

Assist with Preparing Nutritious Meals

Sometimes living with dementia leads to not remembering how to prepare food properly. Your parent might even forget to eat altogether when you are not in his or her presence. A home health care nurse will come in handy for making sure your parent eats as often as he or she should. The nurse will prepare meals that are nutritious, but they will not be anything that your parent does not want to eat. The meals will likely be light and not require a lot of time for the nurse to prepare.

Provide Transportation for Running Errands

Driving around while suffering from dementia can be a dangerous risk for your parent to take. For instance, he or she can go out to run an errand and forget how to find the way back home. A nurse will be able to take your parent to run errands or even do the task without him or her having to travel along. Grocery shopping, trips to the movies, and many of the transportation services can also be provided by the nurse.

Make Sure Medications Are Taken Properly

If your parent has been prescribed any drugs for his or her condition, it is important for them to be taken as directed by the physician. For instance, failing to take drugs that were prescribed for memory loss can cause your parent to become more forgetful. A home health care nurse from a service like Frances Health Services will make sure your parent takes medications on schedule.