The Stress Echo: What To Expect

A comprehensive cardiac workup may include stress echocardiography testing. Also known as a "stress echo," this diagnostic procedure is actually the combination of a cardiac stress test and an echocardiogram. The stress echo is considered a very safe test and there is no preparation needed prior to the procedure. If, however, you are taking medications such as beta-blockers to help control a cardiac arrhythmia or to manage your blood pressure, your cardiologist may ask you to hold your morning dose because these medications may affect your test results. Read More 

How Allergen Testing Leads To More Effective Treatments

Allergy testing is an important part of your allergy treatment plan. There are some circumstances in which an allergy test might not work as advised, such as if you would have too severe of a reaction to even the small amount used in a skin test. But otherwise, when you have undergone allergen testing, it will be much easier to develop a treatment plan in which you can most effectively tackle the symptoms of your allergies. Read More 

5 Signs You Need To See A Neurology Specialist

Are you having a neurology problem that is affecting your life? If your primary care physician does not have any answers, a neurology specialist might be able to help you. People visit neurology specialists for many reasons. Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with conditions involving the nervous system and brain, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, brain tumors, stroke symptoms, epilepsy, and more. When Should You See A Neurology Specialist? Read More 

Six Things Patients Should Be Aware Of Before Their First Colon Cancer Screening

It's important for patients to be informed when they go in for their first colon cancer screening. Going in for colon cancer screenings is an important part of staying healthy since colon cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer.  The following are six things patients should be aware of before their first colon cancer screening.  A colon cancer screening can save your life. Colon cancer screenings may not be enjoyable experiences. Read More 

Do You Need To Have Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery?

Wisdom teeth extractions are quite common, making them one of the top dental surgeries in the nation. If you are an adult who still has wisdom teeth or can feel them growing in, you might wonder what steps you should take to care for your smile. Do you need surgery to remove your wisdom teeth? Here's what you need to know. Wisdom Teeth Are Often Removed Surgery is generally required to remove the wisdom teeth because they can be painful. Read More