How To Sneak More Beneficial Turmeric Onto The Dining Table: Your Family Will Hardly Notice

Turmeric has proven itself as a dietary hero, helping with conditions ranging from heartburn to joint inflammation. However, introducing any healthy food to your family might meet with immediate revolt! Here are a few ways to sneak this wonder spice into your cooking that won't cause much of a stir.

Sprinkle It On Popcorn

If chips are still a favorite snack at your house, it's time for a change. Try replacing them with popcorn, which is actually a whole grain! Adding turmeric will spice up the snacking in a very beneficial way, without feeding your family fat, calories and salt.

Combine It With Pepper

Mixing ordinary black pepper with turmeric amplifies its potency, thus you can be slipping the healthy spice into more family foods without a lot of fanfare. Since pepper is probably already a staple in your home, just add it to the turmeric (about 1/2 a teaspoon pepper to 1/4 cup turmeric) and let it do its magic.

Include It In Pasta Sauces

While there's nothing so unpleasant about turmeric that necessitates disguising it, telling your family you've made something healthy may make them moan, predisposing them to not enjoying it. Next time you're whipping up your favorite pasta sauce recipe, add the medicinal spice to your pot and see if anyone notices!

Make It A Staple In Soup

Soup is such a smorgasbord of ingredients, it's easy to add or remove a few things, creating something completely new or keeping it the same old, but with greater benefits to the heart, joints and digestive system.

Toss It On Simmering Veggies

Roasted or sauteed vegetables are most likely enjoyed by everyone who takes a chair at your table, and that's a good thing, so long as you're using a healthy oil. Toss on a pinch or two of turmeric and you're a superhero with a wooden spoon. This versatile spice cleanses the digestive tract, for starters, and also reduces common inflammation throughout the body that can lead to serious, even chronic joint pain.

Fancy Up Your Rice

Brown rice is better for everyone, but particularly those looking to lose weight, eat well for their heart and minimize arthritis symptoms. Make your brown rice more colorful and medicinal, just don't tell anyone it's so healthy for them.

There are so many conditions plaguing Americans these days, and a significant number of them are directly related to diet, including heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. Rather than increasing your dosage of medication or searching for new prescription remedies, try adding more healthy ingredients and natural joint pain relief to your cooking. You know which foods aren't good for you, so gradually work them off the household menu, replacing them with healthier foods that fortify. Beginning with turmeric, you can naturally change your family's long-term health outlook for the better.