4 Benefits Of Wearing Medical Scrubs

One type of clothing that is commonly worn in the medical profession is scrubs. Once typically worn by surgeons only, now nurses, physical therapists, pharmacy technicians, and physicians can all be seen wearing scrubs. There is good reason for this, as there are many benefits to wearing medical scrubs. Here are four of those benefits. 1. Scrubs Contain Special Features Scrubs aren't simply a pair of comfortable pants and shirt. This type of medical clothing also comes with many features that make a medical professional's job much easier. Read More 

Considering Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery? Attending A Webinar Can Help You Decide

Are you thinking about getting mini gastric bypass (MGB) surgery at some point in the near future? A great way to learn about the procedure is to attend an MGB webinar. Here's how a webinar can help you decide whether to go through with the surgery: Learn All About the Procedure The most important thing you can expect to learn during an MGB webinar is how the procedure works overall. There are many differences between regular and mini bypass surgery that you should know about. Read More