4 Things You Should Know About Skin Cancer Surgery

Hearing the word "cancer" when receiving a diagnosis can be a terrifying experience, and receiving a skin cancer diagnosis is no different. Fortunately, skin cancer has a fantastic recovery rate when it's caught early and treated promptly. If you're scheduled to undergo skin cancer surgery, here are four things you should know about the procedure: 1. It's an outpatient procedure. Typically, surgery for the removal of skin cancer is an outpatient procedure, meaning you won't have to stay in the hospital overnight. Read More 

Understanding A Few Common Hearing Tests

If you think that you have developed a hearing issue, then it is wise to see a specialist called an audiologist. This individual will complete tests and examinations to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss, and if so, how serious the issue is. You should be prepared to go through a series of tests, especially if a deficit is noted since this allows for the most accurate hearing aids. Keep reading to learn about a few of the tests that may be completed. Read More 

What To Expect While Recovering From LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery is a type of laser eye surgery designed to permanently correct a person's vision. If a person is a good candidate for LASIK surgery, he or she will typically no longer need to wear glasses or contacts after the procedure. Since LASIK surgery is done on an outpatient basis and does not take long to complete, it is a very popular procedure that has produced great results. However, it is important to note that there is a recovery period following LASIK surgery. Read More 

First Aid Training Can Protect Your Office From Unexpected Heart Problems

Working in an office environment can be a stressful and frustrating situation for many people. In some instances, the stress may even cause people to experience heart attacks or other cardiac issues. Thankfully, first aid training can help you protect your office in a worst-case scenario and can even improve your workers' effectiveness. Statistics Say That Someone Has Heart Problems In Your Office Heart problems affect an unusually large number of people. The latest statistics from the CDC say that at least 11 percent of all adults have some type of diagnosed heart disease, which equates to about 28 million individuals. Read More 

What Kind Of Time Limits Are Imposed On Cremating A Body?

While there is a limited time frame in which it is best to complete a funeral and memorial service for a person who was embalmed and will be buried, it's easier to wait for family members to travel and for schedules to align for a funeral if a person's remains are cremated. Yet there are still waiting periods and time limits imposed on the cremation process in most states. Find out why you might have to wait, and why you can't wait too long to schedule the cremation of someone who has recently passed away. Read More