First Aid Training Can Protect Your Office From Unexpected Heart Problems

Working in an office environment can be a stressful and frustrating situation for many people. In some instances, the stress may even cause people to experience heart attacks or other cardiac issues. Thankfully, first aid training can help you protect your office in a worst-case scenario and can even improve your workers' effectiveness.

Statistics Say That Someone Has Heart Problems In Your Office

Heart problems affect an unusually large number of people. The latest statistics from the CDC say that at least 11 percent of all adults have some type of diagnosed heart disease, which equates to about 28 million individuals. Note that is just those with diagnosed problems. A large number may have non-diagnosed issues that show up at the worst time.

And there's a good statistical chance that people in your office are suffering from these kinds of problems. Even if it is only one person, watching somebody you know and respect fall to the ground during a heart attack can be devastating. It can be particularly tough if they die because your office lacked proper first aid training.

First Aid Training Can Assist In Challenging Situations

As there is a good chance one or more people in your office has a heart problem, it is wise to invest in high-quality first aid training. While you might not realize it, first aid training can help in situations when a person has a heart attack. For example, it can teach a person how to:

  • Identify symptoms of a heart attack
  • Stay calm during emergency situations
  • Call the proper medical authorities right away
  • Make the person comfortable and talk to them
  • Provide proper lifesaving techniques, if necessary

This kind of help might seem minor in some ways but can be very important for a person's chances of survival. For example, knowing how to talk to a person during a heart attack and how to make them comfortable can prevent serious anxiety and fear. Doing all of this in the middle of a panicked and busy work area will require having the skills learned from high-quality first aid training.

It May Also Help Increase Your Employee Morale

High-quality first aid training can help you prepare for inevitable situations when somebody suffers from a serious heart problem in the workplace. However, it can also be surprisingly beneficial for your employee morale. That's because employees often thrive in an environment in which they feel safe and cared for by their employer.

And if everybody in an office knows first aid, they will feel more comfortable at work and will be able to fit in with the demands of their work environment. Interestingly, this can actually decrease their risk of heart disease by making them feel more comfortable and less anxious at work than they did before they learned first aid.

So if you think that first aid is necessary for your workplace, don't hesitate to reach out to a training authority immediately. These professionals will find a way to improve your training and identify common issues with it, further increasing your chance of first aid success.