Get Relief From Frequent Hemorrhoid Flare-Ups With Non-Surgical Treatment Options

If you have ever had a hemorrhoid flare-up, you know that it can be a painful situation. Some individuals may only have a flare-up once in their lifetimes. Others may have them frequently or occasionally for the duration of their lives. Frequent flare-ups are burdensome for most people especially if they do not know potential triggers. Diet is a contributing cause of some hemorrhoid-related issues. 

Surgery may be recommended to some sufferers. However, this is usually if there are chronic circumstances. Some people are leery of surgeries and want to know what they can do to reduce the chances of flare-ups and the available hemorrhoid non-surgical treatments available to them. The following points will provide insight into non-surgical things that can be implemented to soothe inflamed hemorrhoids. 

Food Choices

You likely have identified the foods that can cause your hemorrhoids to flare up and cause itchiness, pain, or both. It is just as wise to know foods that can reduce flare-ups or help you avoid them. Take a moment to consider whether you are including enough fiber-rich foods in your diet. Good sources of fiber include apples, beans, breakfast cereals, and broccoli. When choosing fiber-containing cereals, choose varieties that have minimal processing because processed foods may contain additives that can irritate hemorrhoids. For example, opt for oat in their pure form rather than oatmeal or instant oat options. Fiber supplements such as Metamucil are gut-friendly and can be helpful as a part of a non-surgical treatment regimen.

Creams and Ointments

These options are available by prescription or over-the-counter. Some individuals may seek prescribed medicated creams or ointments when over-the-counter versions do not provide relief. 

Sitz Baths

This is an old at-home relief option that has been passed down for generations. It involves positioning the buttock area over a warm basin of water to relieve the pain. This option can work well by itself or in combination with other therapies. You can also use over-the-counter pain medications while utilizing sitz bath relief. 


Doctors can use special heating options to treat hemorrhoids. Laser technology and electrical current are two types of heat-activated treatments. The heat produced by the instruments creates scar tissue that becomes a barrier between the body's blood supply and hemorrhoids. This results in the newly formed tissue stopping bleeding, which is one of the most troublesome symptoms experienced during flare-ups.

Some individuals with hemorrhoids find the condition debilitating, embarrassing and may feel hopeless about relief. This is why it is ideal to include a medical professional in your efforts to get relief and discover alternatives to surgical treatments.