Five Signs It Is Time To Seek In-Home Care For Your Elderly Loved

It is only natural to feel like you should be the responsible party when it comes to caring for an elderly parent. After all, they did dedicate several years to raising you and being there for you throughout your adult life. No matter how much you want to take the matter into your own hands and be in charge of care, caring for an elderly adult can be quite the undertaking. This can be a lot of stress on you and hinder your ability to live a normal life. There are five signs that you should look for that will indicate you should consider hiring a home caregiver for help.

1. Escalation of Health Concerns and Care Needs - An elderly loved one can require a lot of care and attention even with mild health concerns. If their health starts to further deteriorate, it can make things even more difficult for you as the caregiver. You will be required to be more on guard and have to dedicate even more time to your parent's care, which is a step you may not want to take.

2. Safety Concerns Become More Apparent - Elderly parents with dementia and Alzheimer's are especially difficult to watch out for in daily life. They have a tendency to wander off or get into dangerous situations. If the safety of your loved one becomes a major concern, it may be a good time to consider hiring someone who can help you keep them safe.

3. You Are Overwhelmed with Stress - Stress can be a big problem if you are directly responsible for the care of another adult. You may be dealing with sleep deprivation, aggressive behaviors, and a wealth of other problems on a daily basis. The ongoing stress can take a toll on your emotional state and even your health. If you are extremely stressed with the care situation, hiring a home caregiver is a solution to consider.

4. There is Little Support from the Rest of the Family - Caring for an elderly loved one can almost require that you completely give up your life. This is especially true if you have no support from the rest of your family or no one who can help. Hiring a caregiver, even for just a few hours a day, can give you time away to take care of your own life.

5. Resentment and Frustration Start to Surface - One major sign that it is time to seek professional help from a caregiver is if stress leads you to start feeling frustration or resentment towards your elder parent. This can not only be endangering the person you care for, but lead you to feeling guilty and depressed. Sometimes, all it takes is someone coming in to relieve you of your duties a few times a week.

There is nothing wrong with needing help to care for an elderly loved one. In a professional setting, patients have many people who share in responsibility of the care of one patient and there is no reason to feel guilty about not being able to take on such a feat on your own.

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