Three Solutions To Replace Your Missing Teeth

People have teeth missing for multiple reasons. Some people took poor care of their teeth, which resulted in tooth loss. Other people had serious injuries that knocked out some or all of their teeth. Despite the reason for tooth loss, everyone can agree that it's uncomfortable, painful, and unsightly. Fortunately, there are things you can do to correct the problem. Read on to find out three solutions to replace missing teeth.


Dentures are the quickest solution to your missing teeth; there are three different types. Conventional dentures will be placed in your mouth after any remaining teeth are removed and your gums have healed from any injury. Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth right after the remaining teeth are removed and you're waiting for your conventional dentures. An overdenture is a denture that's placed in your mouth if you have some healthy remaining teeth. Keeping any natural, healthy teeth in (when possible) helps keep the denture stable and your jawbone healthy.


A dental bridge does just that- it bridges a gap between two teeth. Crowns are applied to the teeth on either side of the gap. They can also be attached to dental implants. The replacement teeth used in dental bridges are typically made out of porcelain and are made to match your other teeth. Once your bridge is in, your mouth will be able to function as normally as it did with your old teeth. One advantage of a bridge is that it's significantly cheaper than a dental implant, but it's not as permanent of a solution.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium structures that are meant to replace the root of your tooth. They are placed into your bone socket and eventually fuse with your real jawbone, making them a permanent solution. A set of teeth are made and then attached to the implant. Because of their permanence, dental implants feel and look very natural. In order to qualify as a candidate for dental implants, you must have healthy gums and a significant amount of bone left. This is because the implant needs to fuse with your natural jawbone. While dental implants are one of the best solutions for replacing teeth, they tend to be the most expensive option. They are cared for like your regular teeth would be.

Missing teeth can have a negative impact on your day to day functions. Replacing your teeth through dentures, bridges, or dental implants can restore all oral functions and give you a beautiful smile back. For more information, contact Bradley R Welsh DDS or a similar dental professional.