Liposuction And The Thigh Gap: What You Need To Know

The thigh gap is when the thighs do not touch even above the knees. This has become a trend inspired by model Cara Delevingne and can often be achieved through ultrasonic liposuction. The thigh gap is popular because it can make the patient look taller and thinner by reducing the width of the legs.

Determine if This is the Right Procedure for You

First, you should consult with your plastic surgeon to determine if it is possible to achieve the thigh gap. For some who have wide set hips, it may not be possible to have a thigh gap. Even if you are able to achieve it, it may require that you lower your body fat to a level that is not healthy.

Also, you will not be able to get a thigh gap if you are obese because the procedure will increase the risk that a scar will form on the inner thigh. However, if you work with a highly trained and cautious plastic surgeon who is experienced with working with loose skin, you may be able to avoid this problem.

Get the Right Surgeon

Make sure that you select a plastic surgeon that has the best credentials possible. This would be a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of surgeries a year and who has gone to a reputable school. Check the plastic surgeon's website to look at the results of his or her patients to decide if the surgeon is right for you.

If your plastic surgeon and general doctor believe that you are a candidate for liposuction, you should consider it. Thighs are considered to be a stubborn area because fat wants to cling there while melting away on other parts of your body. Liposuction is often the only way to achieve the exact results you want.

Get Liposuction On Other Parts of Your Thighs

Getting liposuction to achieve the thigh gap will also require that you get liposuction on other parts of your thighs because your thighs will otherwise not look proportional. Your plastic surgeon will not know what else needs to be done until he or she sees how your skin contracts.

Make the Right Lifestyle Changes

In addition to getting liposuction, you will need to avoid exercises that target the thigh muscles because these exercises can reduce the thigh gap and exacerbate the problem. If you regain your weight, you may lose your thigh gap, so liposuction on your thighs should be a starting off point for a new life with your new body.  

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