Guarantee Your Health And Avoid Uncomfortable Environments - Times To Choose An Urgent Care Center

For even the most careful people, life can be perilous. A sudden stumble or an unexpected sniffle can leave you in need of medical care but dreading the possibility of sitting in a busy emergency room. If an incident occurs during a time when your primary care physician isn't available, you still need access to a service which can provide the treatment you need.

Below, you'll find a guide to some conditions that warrant a visit to your closest urgent care center. Knowing these instances can help give you relief when caught between your doctor and the hospital.


Trips and stumbles can happen even if you're being extremely careful, and they can lead to a great deal of discomfort. If you find yourself having rolled or extended a joint and noticing swelling or limited range of motion, it's likely that you've suffered a sprain. Rather than trying to tough out the discomfort, an urgent care center can help get you on the path to healing.

Most sprains can be easily treated through rest, proper application of heat and cold, and immobilization. Instead of trying to perform these tasks at home and risking further damage, allow your urgent care clinic to provide you with the necessary support.

Stubborn Colds

Home cold remedies are a huge percentage of over the counter medication sales, but they frequently only succeed in treating symptoms. While there is no cure for the common cold, the underlying cause of your illness may actually be a type of infection that can be remedied by proper treatment.

Going to an urgent care center with a stubborn cold can allow you access to antibiotics and other medications that will help address the root of the problem. Your urgent care physician will also be able to screen you for potentially serious illnesses that may be hidden by your cold symptoms.

Ear Infections

If you feel pressure or pain in your ear or notice a significant decrease in your ability to hear, it's likely that you have an ear infection. These infections can be incredibly painful and, if not properly treated, could even risk causing permanent hearing damage. Rather than struggling to cope with a noisy emergency room, going to an urgent care center with an ear infection can provide you access to effective treatment that will be both thorough and quick.

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