What You Need To Know About Addiction Recovery

Dealing with an addiction is very serious. Addictions can change the whole way you think about yourself and life. All of a sudden relationships, things you once loved, and people have no satisfaction for you; all you crave is your drug of choice. This is why it is so important that you get professional help for your addiction. Although, it will be a hard recovery, recovery is possible. Here are some things you need to know about addiction recovery.

1. You Have To Admit That You Are A Slave To The Addiction

One of the worst things an addict can do is think that they have more control over the addiction than they really do. For example, if you think that you can overcome this problem with sheer grit and willpower you will fail. Addictions are so all encompassing that you have to admit to the power that it has over you. Only then can you start to find true recovery. This comes from submitting yourself to a higher power. This higher power can be God, mother-nature, science, whatever it is that you believe in. By accepting that overcoming the addiction is not something you can do on your own, you can start on the path to real recovery.

2. Have A Sponsor Who Holds You Accountable

Sponsors are a great tool for addiction recovery. There are many people out there who have successfully overcome their addiction. Then in turn they become sponsors for those who are in the heat of the trial. You will communicate with this sponsor daily to let them know what you did, if you had any weak moments, if you felt tempted to use or anything else. You can even call them in those weak moments and have them talk you out of it.

A sponsor shouldn't be a spouse or a close loved one. This can become too emotional. Instead, it is better if the relationship starts out professional. Naturally you will become personal friends, but in the beginning it should be a professional relationship.

3. Be Realistic About Relapses

Addiction recovery may be a life long process. It is not like you will go into a treatment center and walk out a month later completely cured. It will be something that you will continue to work on throughout your life. When you do have a relapse, be realistic about it. Don't let it overshadow all the good work that you have done. Instead, recognize that you have a problem and recommit yourself to recovery again.

By understanding addiction recovery you can hopefully have a more positive outcome and experience. For further help, contact a local treatment professional, like Dr. Lewis A. Weber & Associates.