4 Things You Should Know About Head Lice

Does your scalp continuously itch no matter how much you scratch it? You might want to visit a specialist and get your hair examined for lice. Prompt treatment is necessary because lice can be spread to other people. In this article, you will discover information that will give you more insight about head lice in case they are the cause of your scalp itching.

1. What Lice Are

Lice are basically insects, and it is possible for a large quantity of them to live in your hair. The insects are very tiny and survive by consuming blood. Lice are unable to fly, but they can pass from person to person through close contact. For instance, sharing a brush with someone who has lice increases your chance of getting them. The insects can also be found on the blankets and pillows of anyone who is affected.

2. The Possible Symptoms

If you are suffering from head lice, you might notice that small red bumps are left on skin where lice were present. For instance, the bumps can appear on neck and shoulder if lice make their way out of your hair. The insects can also give your scalp a tickling sensation as they move around. The most noticeable sign of head lice is there eggs being left on the shaft of hair strands. The eggs are very secure and hard to remove without putting in some effort.

3. How a Diagnosis is Made

A Wood's light is commonly used for diagnosing head lice. The light makes it easier for a specialist to locate lice eggs, as it causes them to appear blue. If the eggs are not located close to the scalp, they are probably left behind from a past infestation. A specialist will use a magnifying glass to look for live lice before making a diagnosis.

4. Common Treatment Methods

Ivermectin lotion can be prescribed to treat head lice. You will basically rub the lotion on your scalp and hair and let it sit for a few minutes. The lotion must then be rinsed out. Malathion is a prescription drug that is commonly used to treat lice, and it must also be rubbed on the scalp and hair. However, Malathion does not have to be rinsed out. Medicated shampoo is another treatment option for head lice. Get in touch with a specialist to find out if you are suffering from head lice or not.