Is The News Wrecking Your Health?

These days the news from the major networks, cable news, and print news is, more often than not, negative. Terrorism, armed conflicts, political sparring are all constantly on display. You want to be fully informed about world events, but is being bathed in all this negativity bad for you?


Although the world is full of horrible news, this fact is nothing new. Wars, famine, murder, and other atrocities have always existed. Things may not be worse now, but you are much more exposed to awful happenings throughout the world. Even twenty years ago, people had far less access to bad news simply because they were not constantly on social media, where your news feed keeps you up to date on major happenings. Cable news runs 24/7 and print news sources are still a force. If you want to escape the news, you have to make a concerted effort to do so.

Psychological Effects

Human beings always pay more attention to the bad things in life than the good. You are wired to remember more about a shooting in your hometown than a fundraising effort for a cancer patient. Unfortunately, these negative stories can have long-lasting or permanent effects on your psyche, leading to such conditions as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Worrying about world events can actually cause you to see your own life in a darker way. Your problems seem larger than they are because you have become programmed to see things as disasters.

Physical Effects

This negative mental outlook causes you stress, which can contribute to many physical problems. For instance, obesity, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and headaches can all be caused by or at least made worse by stress, which can wreak havoc on your immune system. As your doctor can attest, staying in a positive frame of mind can help you be a healthier person. Unfortunately for many people, maintaining your mental and physical health may be in conflict with staying well-informed.

You do not have to be unplugged from media sources all of the time, but if you are suffering from depression and anxiety, you should consider giving yourself media breaks. Take a day or two off of social media, don't watch the news nightly, and limit how much you read. The world will not blow up if you give yourself time away from current events. When you do watch the news, experts suggest trying to remain somewhat detached. GIving into despair will not help anyone. Consult with your doctor about other ways to keep the news from affecting your health.

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