Learning To Chill: 3 Ways To Relax Your Body

When it comes to relaxation, you may think that it's more important that your mind is quiet than your body – but you'd be wrong. The reason being is that if you're constantly dealing with aches, pains, and other bodily stressors, it can be hard for even the most zen mind to achieve a truly relaxed state. If you don't have the time and resources to make it to the spa every week for a massage, though, it can be hard to figure out just how to relax your body so that you can give your mind a break. So if you're looking for a few ways to relax your body so that you can really begin to de-stress your mind, then here's what you need to know.


Chiropractors aren't just for people in car crashes or for women who have given birth – getting yourself realigned helps for your body to function better, for your circulation to be more efficient, and for your spine to sit the way it's meant to. Most chiropractors accept walk-in clients and are more than happy to help you, considering that realignments generally take far less time than trickier cases brought on by sudden physical trauma (like the car crash example). You can either talk to your doctor about who they'd recommend as a chiropractor, such as Anthony Iuzzolino DC, or ask your friends and family – chances are good that at least one of them goes to a chiropractor, even if it isn't regularly.


"Hydrotherapy" is just a fancy name for what humans have known ever since the first one stepped into a lake after a long day's work and noticed how good it felt. While the most effective form of hydrotherapy generally takes place in a tub with strategically placed jets, even soaking in your own home tub can help relieve the stress in your body. You weigh significantly less in water, so having the water take your weight helps to ease the pressure on your bones and joints, leaving you much looser and less achy than when you first stepped into the water.


No, this isn't about going to a fancy spa or anything like that – believe it or not, you can give yourself massages, just not on your back. Hand, head, neck, foot, arm, leg – all of these are places you can reach easily and massage out if they're sore (which can be caused from everything to exercise to simply sleeping in an awkward position). Websites like YouTube are a great places to find detailed how-to guides for massaging yourself, and are generally accompanied by soothing music, which can help to relax you further.