5 Signs That Indicate A Drug Abuse Problem In The Workplace

As an employee, being mindful of others you work around is important not only for the productivity of the company but also for each employee's individual health. Drug abuse problems in the workplace is all too common. However, not many people are sure what the true signs are that this problem exists. Here are five signs that point to it:

  1. Unexcused Absences: Excessive unexcused absences, i.e. absences that were either not called in or called in without a real explanation, are a sign of a possible drug abuse problem. There are typically many of these unexplained absences taken that lead to production slow down and other workers having to make up for the slack. 
  2. Unproductive State: Many times, employees with a possible drug abuse problem actually show up to work, but are in no state to be productive. This is usually because they are on drugs or they are suffering from withdrawal because they are unable to use drugs while at work. You can notice these signs if the individual appears to be sick or is not performing their duties at all and is simply just present. 
  3. Suffers Injuries: Drug abuse can lead to an employee also getting hurt more easily in the workplace even from a simple fall. The body is in no state to have a proper fight or flight reaction and the immune system is weakened, which means the body cannot combat problems as readily. 
  4. Poor Interactions: Someone who abuses drugs has a difficult time interacting with people. Generally, this type of person will not be ready for teamwork in the workplace and are often in an aggressive mood, which leads to tension. 
  5. Poor Morale: Finally, many times, a drug addicted employee will have a poor morale, which means that they are overall uncaring about their position in the workplace. This has a huge impact on performance, as well, which also leads to tension and the other problems listed above. However, it can also lead to the person appearing or acting depressed in the workplace. 

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to report it right away. If you are friends with the person or close to them, it's best to still report it rather than attempt to keep it covered up by talking to that person or that person's family. The problem with this is that it can lead to problems in the workplace still that you won't want to deal with and that can even be dangerous. Speak with a representative at rehab facilities like DAY RISE RECOVERY for more advice.