Three Reasons Why Small-Breasted Women Are The Best Candidates For Breast Augmentation

Women who are flat-chested or who have very small breasts (i.e., A-cup size) are the best candidates for breast surgery. Since the whole point to enlarging a woman's breasts is to change her figure and make it more dramatic, the most dramatic effect is seen on these small-breasted women. Here are three reasons why they make the best candidates:

Their Figures Become Much More Feminine

Women who are flat-chested or small-breasted often resemble boys or skinny men of the same age. They feel less feminine because of it. If you think you look and feel this way, even though you have hips, you can augment your breasts. The surgery automatically makes your figure more feminine and adds curves where you did not have any before.

Their Rib Cages Can Support the Added Weight Better

Women who already have average or bigger-than-average breasts have exactly what their rib cages can support. Although some may apply the same argument for small-breasted women, the truth is that small-breasted women have a lot more wiggle room to support larger breasts. Of course, you do not want to get too big, or you will not be able to walk upright. Usually, a plastic surgeon will suggest a C-cup if you are starting with an A-cup. That will look very nice and your body can support that size just fine.

The Surgeon Can Place the Implants under the Muscle Tissue to Hold Them in Place

With women who already have ample bosoms, the implants are often placed just under the breast tissue and fat so that the breasts seem even fuller. When the implants are just underneath the breast tissue, they can shift and look awkward, or rupture and leak into your body. With small-breasted or flat-chested women, the implants are inserted underneath the muscle tissue of the chest wall. This is more ideal because the implants cannot slip out of place while under the muscle, and it is much more difficult to rupture an implant. 

An Added Benefit to Implants under the Chest Muscles

There is an added benefit to placing the implants under the chest muscles too. Your breasts are pushed upward and look fuller at the top. If you decide to work out and strengthen your chest muscles after you get implants, then the implants under the muscles end up making your breasts look even larger than the cup size you selected for your augmentation. If you have any concerns about exercise and breast implants, talk to your surgeon.

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