Reasons That You Might Want A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

When many people think about breast augmentation, they imagine silicone or saline implants being placed under a woman's breasts to dramatically alter their size. While this is a common type of approach to breast augmentation, there's another to consider — and it's one that you might not have heard about. Fat transfer breast augmentation involves taking fat from a given area of your body and moving it to your breasts. There are several advantages to having this type of breast augmentation, and this means that there are multiple reasons this procedure could be the right one for you. Here are some reasons that you might wish for this type of augmentation.

You Don't Want Dramatic Changes

Although it's possible to have only a minor augmentation performed when you opt for silicone or saline implants, fat transfer breast augmentation is particularly ideal for those who want subtle changes made to the size of their breasts. Perhaps you hardly want to increase a bra cup size, but rather would prefer that your breasts are just slightly fuller. Instead of opting for small implants to be put in, fat transfer augmentation can give you the results you want.

You Want Your Breasts To Look Natural

Some women don't mind the idea of people suspecting that they've had their breasts augmented, but this isn't the case for everyone. If you're in the latter group, fat transfer augmentation can often be the right choice for you. Whereas implants can often give your breasts an appearance that suggests they've been augmented, you'll get a truly natural look with the fat transfer procedure. In many cases, the end result is so natural looking that your future partner may not even know that you've had your breasts augmented — and this may be an idea that suits you well.

You Get Rid Of Fat At The Same Time

Because fat transfer breast augmentation uses fat from other parts of your body, you're essentially getting two cosmetic procedures done at the same time. Using liposuction-like techniques to gather the fat that will be put into your breasts, your chosen body part will be slimmer after your procedure. For example, if you're carrying a bit of extra fat around your abdomen or your hips, and your cosmetic surgeon rules that the fat from these areas can be collected for your breast augmentation, you'll leave the clinic with fuller breasts and a slimmer midsection.

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