Can You Use Medial Marijuana For Chronic Nausea?

If you suffer from chronic nausea due to an illness or due to treatment like chemotherapy, you may be looking for ways to reduce this symptom. Some patients have been able to reduce chronic nausea with the use of medical marijuana. You'll want to discuss these types of products with your doctor first before trying them out. Read on to learn more about medical marijuana and its use for nausea.

Who is a Good Candidate for These Types of Products?

Again, it's important to talk to your doctor to see if these products are a good fit, but in general, people who are undergoing chemotherapy may be good candidates for medical marijuana. says that a number of small studies have found that marijuana can be helpful in treating vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy. Inhaled marijuana can go a step further and help those with neuropathic pain as well.

Patients with HIV may be good candidates for marijuana usage, as the drug can improve appetite, improve weight gain, and reduce nausea.

People who are suffering from an eating disorder, like anorexia nervosa, may benefit from marijuana usage as it can reduce nausea and correct metabolic issues. One study found that patients who took marijuana products were able to regain some of their lost weight without severe side effects.

People who aren't good candidates for medical marijuana include those with breathing problems, such as chronic coughs or bronchitis. If you are pregnant, it's also not recommended. Medical marijuana is also not recommended for some people with mental disorders as it can exacerbate symptoms.

Why is it Important to Go with FDA-Approved Products?

When looking for marijuana products, it's a good idea to go with FDA-approved brands. For example, the FDA has approved drugs like Syndros and Marinol for nausea associated with cancer. FDA-approved products have been evaluated for efficacy and safety, so you will be better able to treat your nausea and avoid serious side effects from unreviewed products.

How Do You Get Medical Marijuana and Use it?

Dispensaries that sell products for the general public may also carry medical marijuana products. Your doctor may also have recommendations for places to purchase these products.

Rules will vary by state, but once you meet with your doctor, he or she can set you up with a medical marijuana ID card. These cards can be used to get discounts on certain products. These cards can also be important in states with stricter laws, as they can prove to law enforcement that you have been authorized to possess and transport medical marijuana. However, it's important to look at different state laws if you plan on crossing state lines with any medical marijuana.

Ultimately, the administration method will depend on a number of factors, such as your doctor's recommendations, your preferences, your local dispensary's inventory, etc. You could take medical marijuana through vaporized sprays, liquids, and pills. You could also get edibles or bake it into food.

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