How Do You Stop The Flu In Its Tracks?

If you suddenly feel feverish, achy, or overall unwell, you may wonder if you have the flu. The flu can cause fevers, body aches, and other strange symptoms in people. If you think the flu caused your symptoms, visit a flu care center soon. A flu care center can help you stop the flu in its tracks before it gets worse. Learn more about the flu virus and how a flu care center can treat your symptoms below.

Is It the Flu or Something Else?

The flu, or influenza, is a viral infection that strikes people of all ages, including working adults. The symptoms produced by the flu virus can occur without notice. The symptoms produced by cold viruses occur gradually, or take time to show up. Flu symptoms may also lead to severe health problems, including pneumonia and organ failure. 

The symptoms of the flu may include the following:

  • body aches and chills
  • chest discomfort or pain
  • dry coughs
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • headaches

If you experience any of the various symptoms above, visit a flu care center immediately. 

Are There Treatments for the Flu?

A flu care center will need to confirm your symptoms before you receive the correct treatment for them. The flu virus isn't the only viral infection that can cause severe symptoms in adults. The coronavirus and pneumonia can also make you feel very sick. A center will need to examine the mucus from your lungs, nasal passages, and throat before doctors can provide a correct diagnosis for you. 

If you have the flu, a flu care center will ask you to take antiviral treatments for it. Antiviral treatments help reduce the symptoms of the flu before they become severe enough to harm your health. You want to take your treatments within 48 hours of becoming ill or receiving a diagnosis from a flu care center. The medication in the treatments may work best if you take it at the first signs of the flu. 

A flu care center will also as you to rest after you leave your appointment. Rest can help replenish your body as it heals from the flu. You may also want to avoid contact with other people in your home. You can spread the flu virus to other individuals through your mucus and saliva. You also want to wash your hands thoroughly after you sneeze, cough, or touch your face during the day. 

For more details about treating the flu, contact a flu care center today.