What To Expect When Getting Hearing Aids For The First Time

If you are considering getting hearing aids for the first time, you might have questions and concerns about what to expect. Hearing aids amplify sound and help you hear better in different situations, improving your quality of life and communication. But they also require adjustment and maintenance. 

Start By Getting a Hearing Test

You will need a hearing test and a consultation with an audiologist. A hearing test will measure your hearing ability and identify the type and degree of your hearing loss. Audiologists diagnose and treat hearing problems. They explain your test results and recommend hearing aids that best suit you. They will also fit and program your hearing aids to match your hearing profile.

Take Time to Get Used to Your Hearing Aids

You will have a trial period to get used to your hearing aids. Hearing aids are not like glasses that instantly correct your vision. They take some time to adjust to, both physically and mentally. You might initially experience some discomfort or irritation in your ears, but this should subside as you get used to wearing them.

You might also notice some feedback or whistling sounds when you put them on or take them off, but this can be minimized by adjusting the volume or the fit of your hearing aids. You will also need to wear your hearing aids more and more each day, starting from a few hours to all day.

Expect to Hear Different Sounds

You will hear sounds differently with your hearing aids. Hearing aids don't fully restore your hearing, but they will make sounds louder and clearer. However, this also means that you will hear some sounds you might not have heard before or might have forgotten about, such as background noise, footsteps, or your voice.

These sounds might seem too loud initially, but you will learn to filter them out over time. You will also need to practice listening and understanding speech in different situations, such as in quiet or noisy places, on the phone, or in person.

Maintain Your Hearing Aids

You must take care of your hearing aids and batteries. Hearing aids are delicate and expensive devices that need regular cleaning and maintenance. You should follow the instructions from your audiologist on cleaning and storing your hearing aids properly. You should also regularly check and replace your batteries, as they can run out quickly. You can buy batteries from your audiologist, pharmacy, or online store.

You will benefit from other assistive devices and services. Other devices and services can help you hear better in different situations, such as TV amplifiers, captioned phones, or sign language interpreters. You can ask your audiologist about these options and how to access them. 

For more info about hearing aid equipment, contact a local company.