Liposuction And The Thigh Gap: What You Need To Know

The thigh gap is when the thighs do not touch even above the knees. This has become a trend inspired by model Cara Delevingne and can often be achieved through ultrasonic liposuction. The thigh gap is popular because it can make the patient look taller and thinner by reducing the width of the legs. Determine if This is the Right Procedure for You First, you should consult with your plastic surgeon to determine if it is possible to achieve the thigh gap. Read More 

Secrets To Reducing Symptoms Of Gout Through Dietary Choices

Since the times of the ancient Greeks, people have known that lifestyle choices like diet can affect gout. While some foods can exacerbate gout and symptoms of gout, others can reduce symptoms. The following gout-healthy foods can reduce or control your gout symptoms. Eat the Right Purines Purines are found in nearly all foods and in all the cells of the body. When food is broken down, purines form uric acid. Read More 

How To Prevent The Irritating And Unsightly Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a condition in which the walls of your hair follicles become inflamed and form pustules. The condition can be caused by a number of things including friction, infection, excessive perspiration, and even other skin conditions and irritants. If you have a weak immune system, are obese or have a skin injury, then you should take measures to prevent folliculitis. This is because those are some of the risk factors for the condition. Read More 

Bone, Tendon, Nerve: The Most Likely Causes For Pain At The Top Of Your Foot

If you're experiencing pain, tenderness or unusual sensations on the top of your foot, the cause is probably a bone, tendon or nerve issue. Each part of your foot's anatomy shows its displeasure in its own way, and your podiatrist will treat each part differently depending on the cause or causes of your foot pain. This article will help you to identify whether the bone, tendon or nerve is the problem. Read More 

Three Solutions To Replace Your Missing Teeth

People have teeth missing for multiple reasons. Some people took poor care of their teeth, which resulted in tooth loss. Other people had serious injuries that knocked out some or all of their teeth. Despite the reason for tooth loss, everyone can agree that it's uncomfortable, painful, and unsightly. Fortunately, there are things you can do to correct the problem. Read on to find out three solutions to replace missing teeth. Read More