How Stem Cell Therapy May Slow Down The Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis

A multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis is a life changing event. This disease affects your spinal cord, your optic nerves in the eyes and causes problems with your brain. It causes difficulty with your balance, vision, muscle control and other bodily functions. However, the way this disease affects you is on a case by case basis. Everyone who is diagnosed with MS may not have the same experience. Read on to find out how adult stem cell therapy may slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis. Read More 

4 Health Benefits Of Having Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight can be challenging. If you're having a hard time getting rid of excess weight, you may want to strongly consider having surgery. This can help you get the results you want and could be the most efficient way to reach your ideal weight. Knowing some of the health benefits of reducing the number on the scales may be advantageous to you: Benefit #1: Lower blood pressure It's important to have the right blood pressure reading. Read More 

Does Your Child Need An MRI? 4 Ways To Help Them Prepare For The Procedure

If your child needs an MRI, it's probably causing you some distress. It's important to remember that the procedure may be causing your child some distress as well. Regardless of their age, you need to make sure that their distress is alleviated before the procedure is performed. Being relaxed on the day of their MRI will help the process go smoothly. Here are four steps you can take to help your child prepare for their MRI. Read More 

Reasons That You Might Want A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

When many people think about breast augmentation, they imagine silicone or saline implants being placed under a woman's breasts to dramatically alter their size. While this is a common type of approach to breast augmentation, there's another to consider — and it's one that you might not have heard about. Fat transfer breast augmentation involves taking fat from a given area of your body and moving it to your breasts. There are several advantages to having this type of breast augmentation, and this means that there are multiple reasons this procedure could be the right one for you. Read More 

3 Ways To Test For Food Allergies

Eating diverse foods can be a great way to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, some foods can cause an adverse reaction within the body. For people who suffer from food allergies, dietary restrictions can be a matter of life and death. Determining if you have a food allergy can be challenging and typically requires the assistance of a medical professional. Here are three types of tests that you can expect to undergo when being evaluated for a food allergy in the future: Read More