3 Things You May Not Know About Cremation

When you are planning your own final arrangements, you might consider cremation. However, if you're like many people, you might not know much about cremation or what can be done with cremated remains. Here are three things you might not know about cremation. The Body is Not Burned Most people think that the body is placed into a bed of flames during cremation, much in the same way that some ancient death rituals consisted of setting fire to a funeral pyre. Read More 

3 Unique Types Of Mental Health Therapy

When most people think about mental health counseling, they conjure images of people lying on sofas and talking through their problems. While this model of therapy can be effective for some, the mental health counseling field has diversified in recent years in an effort to make therapy more effective. If the thought of being confined in an office is unappealing, you may want to consider turning to one of these three alternative types of counseling in the future. Read More 

Natural Ways To Combat Facial Sun Damage

If your skin during the summer appears dry and flaky with an uneven tone, then the sun is likely damaging your skin. Sun damage can lead to premature wrinkles, age spots, and even cancer. There are a variety of spa treatments that can help reduce the signs of aging and reverse the effects on your body.You do not need to spend a fortune at a spa though to make your skin look healthy and plump. Read More