Bruised Ego? Tips To Prevent Or Improve Bruising And Swelling After Botox Injections

From an invasive facelift or nose reconstruction to a simple collagen injection in your lips, the various options in cosmetic improvements are endless. Of course, certain procedures offer results without invasive surgeries and long recovery periods. With an estimated 6.1 million Botox injections were administered to improve the look and feel of a person's skin, you may be considering this procedure. Although normally safe and effective, the injections may cause light bruising and swelling around the injection site. Read More 

Carpal Tunnel: Definition, Treatment, And Prevention

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a very painful ailment. Many people think that patients of carpal tunnel are people that are at computers a lot of the time, but the cause of this is actually unknown. Learn more about carpal tunnel syndrome, how to prevent it in the future, and how to treat it if you have it already. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal tunnel is caused when the main nerve in your hand that receives signals from your fingers (called the median nerve) becomes pinched or inflamed. Read More 

3 Common Reasons People See An Acupuncturist

Acupuncture has been used for centuries. It is one of the oldest types of healing that has been used, and it yields great results. Many people wonder if acupuncture would work for them. Here are a couple things that acupuncture can treat. 1. Migraines and Headaches One of the most common reasons that people go to an acupuncturist is to get treatment for their headaches. Studies have shown that people who have chronic headaches and recurring migraines benefit from seeing an acupuncturist. Read More 

Stairlifts For Increased Mobility In The Home

If you are an independent-minded individual with limited mobility due to a chronic health condition, recent surgery or an injury who is having a difficult time navigating through the home, you may be interested in installing a stairlift. Stairlifts are helpful home mobility aids that assist individuals in traveling up and down indoor staircases and outdoor steps with the quick push of a button. Stair lifts are an ideal option for those who become easily winded due to chronic breathing difficulties or heart conditions, as well as those who experience pain when excess pressure is put upon the joints. Read More 

3 Ways Women Can Live Confidently With Acne

Acne can affect young and old women alike, so figuring out how to live confidently with acne is the key. While there are a variety of different medications that you can use to help treat your acne, there are also other things that you can do to help yourself feel more confident. This article will discuss certain things that you can do to help yourself feel more confident when you are living with your acne. Read More